Dobbernomics is getting ready for 2017 Playoffs!

That's right, we're getting ourselves ready for the 2017 Playoff edition of Dobbernomics! Powered by Dobber's acclaimed player projections, Dobbernomics is where fantasy hockey meets stock trading. Match up against best players in the world to see how high in the world rankings you can reach.

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The concept

You manage a team of 12 players, and have for the playoffs 60M of cap room to play with. Once the hockey season starts, your team accumulates fantasy points based on real life performance of the players on your roster. But the value - or price - of a player is dynamic and will change daily based on how often a player is added (bought) and dropped (sold) within Dobbernomics fantasy leagues.

Using the buy low/sell high strategy, you can increase the total value of your team, therefore giving you the chance to acquire better players and hence increase your total fantasy points.